2007/2008 GIFT OF MUSIC

1st Place
= ANTI-M wins $150*
2nd Place
wins $50*
3rd Place
= JOHNNY $ wins STR Promo Pack*
      Honorable mention = ROYMOND
So we spent the money on whisky and strippers. We are not honorable men.
 Songs are listed in the order received   - STREAM ALL

Original Artist Song Title

Covered By

Requested By
David Lindley
(El Rayo-X)
Quarter of a Man Jack Shite "Once again I drew Roymond, for whom I had previously covered an Emmylou Harris song a couple years ago for a Gift of Music. I picked this as I've always loved the first El Rayo-X album, and think David Lindley is one of the most talented and unrecognized guys working in music today." Roymond
Talking Heads Wild Wild Life FLVXXVM FLORVM ---------- Eddiebangs
Grateful Dead Scarlet Begonias

Jim Tyrrell

"The short version. The 35-minute space>drums that follows is available by request. :)" Jack Shite
The Beastie Boys (You've Got To) Fight For Your Right (to Party)! roymond "I'll cry if I want to, but I hope you don't. Happy Holidays!" Octothorpe
Dionne Warwick I Say A Little Prayer Cynthia Size and the @eclectic spOOns "Not being the most gifted of SongFighters, I hope my giftee enjoys my electro/organic attempt at this classic track." veGetar Ianra Ge
The Kinks Village Green Preservation Society Caravan Ray “Thank you Glenny!  Though the Kinks are one of my all-time favourite bands, I had never actually heard Village Green Preservation Society before (though I had heard of it).  It really is a cracker.  I enjoyed doing this immensely!” Glenny
Queen Fat Bottom Girls Sausage Boy and the Queens of Songfight "The day the music died. Thank you my queens!" Rinky
Kings of Leon King of the Rodeo Wages

"acoustically, I did not feel I could do the song as originally written, so I opted to do my own arrangement.  If it makes a difference, I think I put a lot more into this particular arrangement than what I usually do with my own songs, wanting to make up for the fact that all the cool guitar stuff is absent.  In fact, this is the fourth arrangement I made before I got something I felt good about.  Hope you enjoy it!" Mark
Buzzcocks Why Can't I Touch It? Johnny Cashpoint's Space Pub ---------- ADD
Tom Waits Downtown Train Those Meddling Kids "Thankyou for choosing a song by my #3 artist of 2007! Happy GoM." Niveous
The Soft Boys Underwater Moonlight Paco del Stinko "If I had talent, this is just the kind of song that I'd write.: Johnny Cashpoint
Bob Dylan Little Sadie Enter It In The Art Show "Merry Giftmas! Hope you like it." Rinkydink
Leonard Cohen Sisters of Mercy Frankie Big Face "Quote?" Project-D
Boy Meets Girl Waiting for a Star to Fall Charcoal ---------- Mr. Furrypedro
A-Ha Take on Me Glenn Case "I was psychotic enough to sing this in a higher key than the original, and that high note is hideous.  I apologize for that much, but there was no way I was going to make you go empty handed again this year.  I hope to tweak and improve this a bit after the deadline, and possibly cover another song from your choices." The Hell Yeahs
Randy Newman Political Science Ross Durand "Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent." - Salvor Hardin in Foundation by Isaac Asimov Spinlock
Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs Stay The White Hat "Drink hearty." sp00n
Beat Happening Black Candy The Floating Head Effect

"We probably need a studio or something." Egg
Pere Ubu Heaven Billy's Little Trip "Happy GOM Emily *hug*" anti-m
Fall Out Boy Sugar, We're Going Down Anti-M "Happy Gift of Music LoO! I hope this isn't too "guytar" for your tastes! Cheers!" Lord of Oats
The Warumpi Band Blackfella Whitefella Niveous "Happy GOM, Caravan Ray. I tried to keep it raw like a protest song. I hope you dig it." Caravan Ray
Social Distortion Ball and Chain

Mommy's Little Monster
The Hell Yeahs "I (Heather) have been a fan of Social Distortion for a long time.  I saw them at the Palace and got kicked in the head in the pit.  I saw them in Ventura with the Muffs opening.  I won a contest and got to meet Mike Ness at the Cat and Fiddle on Sunset Blvd.  We hope you enjoy Ball and Chain as interpreted by the Hell Yeahs. - AND- Here's a bonus 'old school' SD song for you to enjoy!" Billy's Little Trip
Daniel Lanois The Maker Heuristics Inc. "I love the original song!  Hope you like it, Mr. Bwell." Bwell
Cake The Distance Jose Wherevo & Dolly Pardon I worked for months on what was to be a mind-blowing avant-garde cover of Fleetwood Mac's 'Tusk' only to scrap it entirely and create this track within the last 5 hours before deadline.  Sorry, Phil - I know that you deserve better.  You'll have to believe me when I say that this is the most entertaining result that could've come out of me this time around. Wages
Piebald Part of Your Body is Made Out of Rock Albatross "So whatever happened to Enter It in the Art Show?  Wherever you are, here's your GoM care package.  Enjoy!" Enter It in the Art Show
Nickel Creek The Lighthouse's Tale Lord of Oats "This seemed like a great idea, until I realized that I would have to record the vocals." Tonamel
Ramones We're a Happy Family Märk "I recorded this naked!" Rabid Garfunkel

Neutral Milk Hotel

In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

The BeWells

"This was a new one to me, but I could not pass it up when I heard the lyrics.  Have a wonderful belated GOMday!"

Senza Valore


Death or Glory


"I had a really tough time with these songs. I hope my giftee likes what I wound up with."

Jeff Robertson

John Fred and the Playboy Band Judy in Disguise
(with glasses)
glenny "Sorry I'm late Frankie. Happy Gifts! This was a blast to do! I wish the drum tracks were better. I actually had a lot of fun recording vocals on this track, I usually dread vocals. I really wanted to do Suite Judy Blue Eyes, but I couldn't figure out how to make that a non-vocal-centric tune due to my vocal abilities. I actually really like all 4 of those songs a lot." Frankie Big Face
Mr. Bungle Retrovertigo Eddiebangs "I stayed pretty true to the original. I love this song, and couldn't see doing it any other way. I hope you dig it- I had a blast" Jim Tyrrell

Kelly Joe Phelps

Sally Ruby Dog Thresher "I took some liberties with the original." The White Hat
Brandi Carlisle Turpentine Project-D "There's no way I could've made this song better, but I liked it so much I had to do it.  Dre was kind enough to say he liked it." Dre



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